Yanshui Paradise
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Yanshui Paradise

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Yanshui Paradise is located on the Prince Riverside. The Prince River was called Yanshui in the old days, and later it was also called the Liang River and Dongliang River. It started to be called the Prince River since Liao Dynasty. It is the third largest river in eastern Liaoning and has a total length of 413 kilometers. 

It is originated from behind the Straw Hat Mountain in Benxi County. According to legend, after the failure of Prince Yan sending Jin Ke to kill the emperor of Qin, the emperor Qin Shi Huang was furious and sent troops to attack Yan. Prince Dan was defeated and fled to Yanshui. But Qin soldiers still did not stop, saying: they were vowed to take Prince Dan's head before retreat. To save the people, Prince Dan cut his throat with his sword. In order to commemorate Prince Dan's heroic death, the descendants changed Yanshui to Prince River, and built a "Yan Dan Pavilion" beside the river.
The Prince River is rich in products, with over ten species of fish such as moroteuthis, siniperca chuatsi, and hemibarbuslabeo. Among them, moroteuthis was regarded as tributes in the Qing Dynasty. You can take a cruise, drive a yacht, and pedal a boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides.

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