Silicified Wood Kingdom
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Silicified Wood Kingdom

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The Silicified Wood Kingdom is an important part of the Benxi Water Cave Park in the Benxi National Geopark in Liaoning.
The Silicified Wood Kingdom is an ex-situ conservation silicified wood forest park. A total of 619 silicified wood stumps stand in the park. According to authoritative experts, these silicified wood are gymnosperms, most of which are conifers, and a few of which are ginkgoes.

The reason why we call the petrified wood silicified wood is that their main mineralized component is silicon dioxide (SiO2). In general, when a dense forest is suddenly hit by a volcanic eruption, those trees near the crater are swallowed or burned by lava flow with high temperature and heat waves. While the trees farther away from the crater are buried in the land they originally grow by falling volcanic ash, coupled with the high temperature of a large amount of silicate solution and the burning of the heat wave, making them silicified upright stumps.
As we all know, in the evolutionary history of life on the earth, wood fossils represent an integral part of vegetation and play an important role. When you walk and look around in the "Silicified Wood Kingdom", you will naturally understand how these wood fossils were formed; the palaeogeographical and palaeoecological environment and the palaeoclimatic conditions they have been through in the place of origin; and the geological replacement process of palaeovegetation. So, while you enjoy this green world of 180 million years ago, please don't forget to protect the earth that we live on today.
Benxi Water Cave, welcome you all year round!
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