Benxi Water Cave, a unique place
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Benxi Water Cave, a unique place

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The Benxi Water Cave is located in the Xiake Mountain, which is the remainder of the Changbai Mountains. The mountain is medium and low, with a relative height of only 200-300 meters. The Taizi River flows 200 meters before the entrance of the cave. The jade belt is like a training, clear and meandering, and the lower reaches into the Liaohe River into the sea. The entrance of the cave faces north, 13 meters above the Taizi River, and the cave body extends into the mountains.
Benxi Water Cave is a large aquifer-type underground river karst cave formed 400,000 years ago (Middle Pleistocene). The proven cave system consists of Jiuqu Yinhe Cave (main cave), Panlong Cave (dry cave), Yinbo Cave (water-filled cave) and continuous dark caves upstream. The Benxi Water Cave generally runs from northwest to southeast, and the main passages of the cave are completely distributed in the horizontal direction, mostly in the shape of halls, tunnels, halls and corridors.

There are more than 90 scenic spots such as "Nine Curves", "Seven Palaces" and "Three Gorges". The Benxi Water Cave is 3,650 meters long, covers an area of 49,000 square meters, and has a space of more than 400,000 cubic meters. The most open part is 38 meters high and 70 meters wide. The air in the cave is unobstructed, the water flow is inexhaustible all year round, the daily flow is 14,000 cubic meters, the average water depth is 1.5 meters, the deepest point is 7 meters, and the constant temperature in the cave is 12°C. The river is winding and winding, and the water is crystal clear.

It was praised as: "Stalactites are thousands of peaks and scenery, light boats and clear water between poetry and painting; Zhongxiu should only be found in the fairy world, and this cave is the only one in the world".

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