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Civilization Travel Guide

◎ Civilization of words and deeds
1. Know good manners, know etiquette, pay attention to etiquette, be civilized, behave decently, communicate politely, and avoid uncivilized language and behavior.
2. Use civilized language such as "please", "thank you", "excuse me", "sorry" and "please forgive".
3. No spitting or chewing gum, no littering, no defecation anywhere, no nose picking, teeth picking, coughing and sneezing in front of others.
4. Do not smoke in non-smoking places, do not take pictures in places with no photography signs, do not climb objects that are prohibited from climbing, do not set foot in prohibited places, and do not cross green spaces that are not suitable for trampling.
5. Observe order in public places, do not crowd ahead, do not make noise, obey order in line, and do not lie on public seats.
6. Do not force people to take photos, do not occupy public facilities for a long time, respect the labor of service personnel, and respect the religious customs of various ethnic groups.
7. Clothing and clothing are neat and beautiful, not open-minded, not unkempt, not taking off shoes in public places, choose suitable clothes according to tourism projects and tourism places (such as museums, churches, art halls, temples, etc.), formal occasions (such as business Negotiations, banquets, etc.) try to wear formal or professional attire.
8. Pay attention to showing civilized literacy, understand and respect the religious beliefs, customs and taboos of the destination country and region, and avoid ignorant offense and conflict.
◎ Food and lodging civilization
1. Pay attention to the order when checking into the hotel, do not fight, do not make loud noises, and do not smoke in the non-smoking lobby.
2. Respect the waiters. When the waiters say hello, they respond kindly, pay attention to maintaining the facilities, equipment and cleanliness of the guest rooms and public spaces, and pay tips according to the customs of the country and region.
3. Pay attention to being civilized and polite when eating, humbly allow the elderly, the elderly, the disabled and women, and take care of children.
4. Choose the right amount of food when eating the buffet. If you are unfamiliar, take less food first, use up the food and drink as much as possible, and don't speak loudly to pay attention to maintaining the hygiene of food and beverages.
5. Do not smoke in non-smoking restaurants or their areas, and pay attention to the feelings of other guests when smoking in restaurants that allow smoking.
◎ Traffic civilization
1. When taking air, ship, train and other means of transportation, arrive early to go through relevant procedures as required, actively cooperate with security inspections, and do not carry prohibited items; obey order, do not preempt, do not cut in line, be civilized and courteous, do not make loud noises, and pay attention to maintenance environment.
2. When taking transportation, give courtesy, take care of the elderly, the weak, the sick, the disabled, the young, pregnant women, and those with children, and take the initiative to give up their seats and ask others to give up their seats.
3. Abide by the traffic rules, do not cross the road at will, do not stop or talk on the road and sidewalk.
4. When on a cruise ship, do not throw debris, cigarette butts, etc. overboard, do not dance clothes or scarves on the side and deck of the ship at will; do not use a flashlight to shine outwards at night, so as not to cause misunderstandings by other passing ships.
5. When taking a sightseeing bus, do not be late so as not to let others wait and delay the itinerary plan. Young tourists try to sit in the back of the car and give the front seats to the elderly, women and children.
◎ Tourism civilization
1. Pay attention to protecting the ecological environment, do not step on the green space, climb and break flowers and fruits, and do not chase, shoot or feed animals randomly.
2. Protect cultural relics and historical sites, do not paint, climb, touch cultural relics at will, and take pictures and video in compliance with regulations.
3. Throw wastes such as peeling paper scraps and sundries into the trash can, do not leave them on the ground or throw them into the pool, and pay attention to the classification of garbage.
4. When taking pictures in the scenic spot, take the initiative to be humble, do not fight, and do not hinder others from taking pictures. Please thank others for their help in taking pictures.
5. Provide more convenience for others. For example, when passing through winding paths or small bridges and caves, you should take the initiative to make way for the elderly and the weak, women and children, and do not rush to go first.
6. When visiting museums, churches, art halls, and temples, it is necessary to abide by the regulations of smoking, fasting, drinking, and prohibiting flash photography, and do not touch exhibits, cultural relics and other utensils at will.
◎ Entertainment civilization
1. Promote healthy entertainment, resist feudal superstition activities, and reject pornography, gambling and drugs.
2. If you are watching a movie or performance, enter the venue early, or be late for some reason, you can ask the seat guide to help you take a seat, and keep quiet.
3. Don’t talk indiscriminately, respect the actors, applaud at the end of the show, and give a standing ovation at the end of the show when the cast and crew call the curtain; if the actors make mistakes, they should be forgiven, and no booing, whistling, or booing.
4. When watching sports games, respect both sides of the game and the referee, abide by the rules and order of the field, do not lose control and yell, do not insult referees and athletes, do not throw sundries on the field of play, and are not allowed to break into the field of play.
5. Discarded items such as food and beverage packaging should be taken away from the competition venue and thrown into the trash can.
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