Autumn civilization travel tips
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Autumn civilization travel tips

Tourism civilization
1. Pay attention to protecting the ecological environment, do not step on the green space, climb and break flowers and fruits, and do not chase, shoot or feed animals randomly.
2. Protect cultural relics and historical sites, do not paint, climb, touch cultural relics at will, and take pictures and video in compliance with regulations.
3. Throw wastes such as peeling paper scraps and sundries into the trash can, do not leave them on the ground or throw them into the pool, and pay attention to the classification of garbage.
4. When taking pictures in the scenic spot, take the initiative to be humble, do not compete, and do not hinder others from taking pictures, and ask others to help take pictures.
5. Provide more convenience for others. For example, when passing through winding paths or small bridges and caves, you should take the initiative to make way for the elderly and the weak, women and children, and do not rush to go first.
6. When visiting museums, churches, art halls, and temples, it is necessary to abide by the regulations on smoking, fasting, drinking, and prohibiting flash photography, and do not touch exhibits, cultural relics and other utensils at will.
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