Civilization is a necessity for travel
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Civilization is a necessity for travel

If there is no civilization to accompany you on the journey, even if you encounter the most beautiful scenery, the journey will not be perfect.
Therefore, if you want to enjoy the beauty of travel, don’t forget to bring civilization with you on the road!
Prevention and control priority, healthy travel
Pay close attention to the latest epidemic prevention and control policies, and inquire about the opening of scenic spots, ticket reservations, and current restrictions. Always be vigilant, do a good job in self-protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, disinfect frequently, do not gather together, do not crowd, gather less, cooperate with requirements such as temperature detection, check "health code", etc., and report any abnormality in a timely manner and seek medical treatment nearby.
Obey morality and etiquette, travel civilized
Consciously abide by the "Chinese Citizens' Civilized Tourism Convention", queue up in an orderly manner, do not block the road in parallel, do not jump in the queue, do not make noise, do not talk loudly in public places, and maintain a safe distance between people. Do not trample on the green space, do not climb branches and break flowers, do not chase or illegally throw and feed animals.
Travel cannot be arbitrary. If you lose your civilization literacy, you will become a "smearer" of civilization. Strive to be a civilized tourist, become each other's new scenery, and make civilization a beautiful scenery!
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