Announcement on business hours of Benxi Water Cave Scenic Area during the Spring Festival
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Announcement on business hours of Benxi Water Cave Scenic Area during the Spring Festival

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The Year of the Tiger is auspicious and joyous,
and the head and tail are held high to welcome the spring.
According to the state's notice on the 2022 Spring Festival holiday, combined with the actual operation of the Benxi Water Cave Scenic Spot and the needs of tourists, the following announcement is made on the opening and closing times of the scenic spot during the 2022 Spring Festival:
During the Spring Festival, the scenic spot is open normally. From January 31 to February 1 (New Year's Eve and the first day of the first lunar month), the opening hours are 9:00-14:00, and from February 2 to 6, the opening hours are 9:00-16:00 .
In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic and strictly prevent the spread of the imported epidemic, tourists visiting the Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area should pay attention to the epidemic prevention and control measures:
1. During the epidemic period, the number of tourists in the scenic spot shall not exceed 50% of the maximum carrying capacity;
2. The scenic spot adopts online time-based reservation and ticket purchase, body temperature detection at the entrance, health code itinerary code check, and standard wearing of masks before entering the scenic spot, maintaining a distance of one meter, not gathering and not crowding, so as to achieve safe and civilized travel;
3. The scenic spot does not accept people from overseas, medium and high-risk areas, districts and counties with local cases, and people who have lived in domestic medium-high-risk areas or districts and counties with local cases within 14 days. Please support and cooperate;
4. Others outside the province or those with a history of living outside the province within 14 days must take the initiative to provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours when entering the scenic spot.
The Spring Festival is approaching. Benxi Shuidong Tourism (Group) Co., Ltd. wishes the people of the whole country and the overseas Chinese at home and abroad to be happy and smiling, and look forward to celebrating the Spring Festival with you!
Benxi Water Cave Tourism (Group) Co., Ltd.
January 30, 2022
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