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Civilized Tourism | We Should Do It

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Maintain environmental hygiene
No spitting and chewing gum, no littering, and no smoking in non-smoking areas.
Obey public order
Don't make noise, line up and obey order, don't stand in the way, don't talk loudly in public places.
Protect the environment
Every flower and every tree is a scene, and every word and deed should be civilized. Respect life, do not trample on green space, do not pick and break flowers and fruits, do not chase, shoot or feed animals.
Protect cultural relics
Do not paint or engrave on cultural relics and monuments, do not climb, touch cultural relics, and take pictures and videotapes to comply with regulations.
Cherish public facilities
No damage to room supplies, no damage to public facilities, no greed for small gains, saving water and electricity, and not wasting meals.
Respect the rights of others
Do not forcefully take photos with others, do not sneeze at others, do not occupy public facilities for a long time, respect the labor of service personnel, understand and respect the religious beliefs, living habits, customs and taboos of the destination country and region, and "try to follow the customs as much as possible when entering the countryside."
Treat people with courtesy
Dress neatly and decently, not topless in public places; courteous to the old, young, sick and disabled, and courteous to ladies; use civilized terms such as "please," "thank you," "disturbed," "sorry," and "please forgive."
Promote healthy entertainment
Resist feudal superstition activities, reject pornography, gambling, and drugs,
When traveling during the holidays, safety comes first.
When participating in various tourism activities,
Be sure to prepare for protection;
When entering scenic spots, parks, etc.,
Wear a mask, don't get together, don't gather,
Develop a good habit of "one-meter noodles",
Play healthily and safely.
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