Civilized Tourism Our joint efforts
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Civilized Tourism Our joint efforts

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Civilized Tourism - A Joint Effort of Tourists and Practitioners
"Civilized tourism is a big concept. The uncivilized tourism behaviors such as graffiti, lettering, littering, and destruction of cultural relics are actually only a small part of tourists' behavior. Civilized tourism should be the entire tourism industry. In the chain, a basic principle that every participant should abide by, not only tourists, but also our travel agencies, tour guides, scenic spot staff and other tourism practitioners should also raise the awareness of civilized tourism." In response to the recent frequent occurrence of uncivilized Tourism behavior, senior tourism industry insider Mr. Xiao believes that creating a civilized and harmonious tourism environment is the common responsibility of every tourist and tourism practitioner.
As for how to put an end to the phenomenon of uncivilized tourism, Mr. Xiao believes that the majority of tourists and tourism practitioners should act at the same time to form a joint force, "As a tourist, I think we should start from ourselves, abide by public morality, pay attention to etiquette, and travel in a civilized manner. Abandon bad habits, pay attention to speech and behavior, consciously abide by laws and regulations, abide by order, pay attention to hygiene, care for the environment and public facilities, and strive to be the communicator of civilization and friendship; while tourism practitioners need to consciously regulate their business behavior, abide by professional ethics, and not Publish false advertisements to mislead tourists, do not 'deceive' or 'slaughter', promptly remind and discourage tourists from uncivilized behavior, and guide tourists to respect the cultural customs of tourist destinations."


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