Autumn Mountaineering Games
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Autumn Mountaineering Games

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In order to welcome the arrival of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, Benxi Water Cave Scenic Spot has upgraded the roads, squares and signage systems in the scenic spot
In order to carry forward the Red Cross spirit of "humanity, fraternity and dedication", enhance the ability of tourist attractions to deal with unexpected accidents, provide tourists with humanitarian rescue and services, and ensure the safety and health of tourists, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation and Benxi Water Cave Scenic The district jointly established the Red Cross ambulance station.
As the Spring Festival is approaching, the trade union of Benxi Shuidong Tourism (Group) Co., Ltd. has carried out a variety of activities to welcome the arrival of the new year. Following the company's annual meeting, the company also organized and participated in the "Welcome to the New Year, Civil and Military" fun games held by the Municipal Cultural Tourism Radio and Television System.
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